Our objective is to make sure your pet is as comfortable as possible while in our care, and while recovering at home. For this reason, we practice comprehensive pain management with our patients whenever necessary.

Our team is experienced in recognizing the signs and symptoms of both acute and chronic pain. We offer progressive solutions for everything from preventative pain management to aggressive pain control.

We are happy to discuss pain management options for your pet via an appointment, or by contacting our team during business hours.


We are excited to offer our clients cutting-edge laser therapy technology, which is both non-invasive and beneficial. We have seen substantial improvement in many of our patients who receive laser therapy for arthritis, muscle/ligament/tendon injuries, post-surgical and wound healing and even chronic disc pain.

We offer laser therapy both alone and in conjunction with other methods of pain control. Our team is proud to be able to provide this safe and innovative form of treatment for your pet.

To discuss pricing and package options, please contact us during business hours.


You may schedule an appointment online or by calling our hospital during business hours at (804) 353-4491. 

You can also find out about our Emergency Services options.

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